ZeroNights 2019 program is finally published — ZeroNights 2019
ZeroNights 2019 program is finally published

Dear friends, three weeks left before ZeroNights 2019, and here is the news we’ve all been waiting for – the program of the conference is finally published!

The ZeroNights 2019 speakers will deliver their talks about cryptography issues, the security of different devices, IoT, tendencies, and the prediction of the most severe attacks.

We remind you that there are two keynote speakers at ZeroNights 2019.

Alex Matrosov will deliver a talk “Hardware Security is Hard: how hardware boundaries define platform security” on November 12. 

The next day, Matt Suiche will deliver a presentation “From Memory Forensics to Cloud Memory Analysis”. 

The description of all the papers was published earlier (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3). We’ll continue announcing further talks, so please follow our news

At ZeroNights 2019, there will be thematic activities and competitions prepared by our partners, for instance, a competition in practical cybersecurity “RBK.Money Hack Quest” and the CTF competition from Sberbank Cyber Security.

Also please note that there may be time changes and updates to the program.

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