The results of ZeroNights 2019 HackQuest — ZeroNights 2019
The results of ZeroNights 2019 HackQuest

ZeroNights 2019 HackQuest completed on October 13. It’s time to announce our winners! They will get free tickets to the conference and the ever-lasting place in our Hall of Fame

We challenged our participants to crack tasks related to various practical security issues. This year’s HackQuest had four tasks (out of seven) prepared by our community partners: R0Crew, School CTF, Volga CTF, and RuCTFE. 

The names of the tasks and their authors are listed below.

  • Day 1: “Top Secret” (by Digital Security)
  • Day 2: “Micosoft Lunix” (by r0Crew
  • Day 3: “House of Beched” (by Beched —
  • Day 4: “ASR-EHD” (by Digital Security)
  • Day 5: “Protected Shell” (by RuCTFE
  • Day 6: “Unlock” (by Volga CTF)
  • Day 7: “Beep Beep!” (by School CTF)

HackQuest website was visited from 2614 unique IP addresses during the HackQuest week!

Here are the winners’ names (Twitter handles):

  • Day 1: _vladvis
  • Day 2: torn
  • Day 3: black2fan
  • Day 4: AV1ct0r
  • Day 5: vos
  • Day 6: gittgudd
  • Day 7: sysenter_eip

We thank all those of you who took part in the quest and prepared the tasks! 

The results are on the website.


See you at ZeroNights!

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