See you in 2020 at the anniversary! — ZeroNights 2019
See you in 2020 at the anniversary!

The ZeroNights 2019 conference gathered more than 1000 researchers, pentesters, programmers, analysts of information security from all over the world, including the UAE, Italy, Romania, Portugal, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, etc.

The event was held in St. Petersburg at A2 Green Concert Club.

Each year, the style of the conference varies. This year, webpunk patterns were leading: the stage of the Mir hall, where speakers of the main program delivered their reports, was decorated with luminous elements of glitch, stars and Greek columns fallen into partial ruin.

The informality of the club invited old and new friends, colleagues and associates to communicate. The lighting, decorations, and music created an incredible atmosphere.

67 speakers presented their reports from 15 countries: Russia, USA, Germany, France, Poland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Malta, Vietnam, China, South Korea, Malaysia, Finland, Kazakhstan, and Argentina.

The topics of the conference were the following:

  • hardware security risks;
  • taking control over the JDBC URI, hacking the victim’s server, and executing arbitrary code on it;
  • existing techniques for remote code execution with the use of URI handlers in six popular Electron applications;
  • mistakes vendors make when implementing RMI and CORBA mechanisms;
  • changes that Google is making in the codebase to implement Trusted Types;
  • performing Remote Code Execution in a Cisco ASA with an Authenticated User;
  • creating potentially malicious software using the TensorFlow and PyTorch frameworks;
  • hacking ESP32 Security Mechanisms, such as Secure Boot and Flash Encryption;
  • hacking Adobe Reader with the use of a malformed string;
  • the most interesting security vulnerabilities in different VNC implementations;
  • security issues detected in different LoRaWAN implementations;
  • hacking Microdigital IP Cameras.

At ZeroNights 2019, there were sections, including Defensive Track, Web Village, and Hardware Zone, as well as traditional thematic activities, quests, CTF competitions.

We express our gratitude to our partners who supported the ZeroNights 2019 conference: Sberbank,, Yandex, Secure Software Solutions, Mail.Ru, and Digital Security.

The materials of the conference will be published on the website within three weeks. The photographs will be available the next week.

Stay tuned, and see you in 2020 at the anniversary!

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