Sberbank Cyber Security CTF Jeopardy Contest — ZeroNights 2019
Sberbank Cyber Security CTF Jeopardy Contest

During ZeroNights 2019, the Sberbank Cyber Security team will provide all visitors with the opportunity to put themselves in the shoes of the information security department employee at BigBank Corp – a fictitious corporation.

Carry out an investigation of several critical attacks on the corporation and identify the vulnerabilities that lead to the compromise of its infrastructure.

The contest starts on 12.11.19 at 00:00 and ends at 18:00 13.11.19. Top-3 players must attend the conference on 13.11.2019 to receive prizes

The contest is CTF Jeopardy.

Registration & rules



  • 1st PLACE — Nintendo Switch,
  • 2nd PLACE — Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB Kit)
  • 3rd PLACE — Alfa Wi-Fi Adapter


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