RBK.money Hack Quest — ZeroNights 2019
RBK.money Hack Quest

RBK.money Hack Quest is a contest on the practical aspects of cybersecurity. The simulated environment is comprised of computers and services, which contain vulnerabilities and misconfigurations and are accessible by domain name *.X. Some flags can be obtained with open-source intelligence.

The prize for the 1st place amounts to $1570 (100,000₽). Earn the highest score for a minimum time. The flags are rated according to the difficulty of vulnerability discovery. The winner (or an authorized representative) is to attend the award ceremony at the RBK.money stand on November 13.

During RBK.money Hack Quest, it is allowed to search the computers in the simulated environment for vulnerabilities using any tools not prohibited by the Russian Federation legislation;

During RBK.money Hack Quest, it is forbidden to:

  • attack the organizers’ infrastructure;
  • launch DoS attacks on the infrastructure of the contest; 
  • attack computers of other participants;
  • hinder other participants from getting a flag.
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